New Users & General Queries

What is Wealth Words?

Wealth Words is the only crossword game that let you win real cash money by solving the puzzles right. The game is available in three different languages (English & Hindi). You have to submit your answers within the time frame of an hour. There are three types of games:

1. Free Game: To play this game, you need to create your account and complete the registration process. You can win prize pool in this game if you solve the puzzle correct.

2. Paid Game: To play this game, you need to create your account and complete the registration process. After that you need to purchase coins worth INR 5 only. All you need to do is purchase single coin or coin package and start the game of your choice.

What is prize pool?

Prize pool is a cash money given to the winners for their correct answers. Each puzzle has two divisions of the cash prizes Division 1 & Division 2.

  • Players who have all the correct answers say 20 out of 20 will be awarded the division 1 cash prize.
  • Players submitting most of the correct answers or nearly all say 18 or 19 out of 20 will win division 2 cash prize.

Note: With division 1 winner there will always be division 2 winners. (If someone has given all the correct answers, there will always be some players who might have given nearly correct answers)

If there are no division 1 winners, there will certainly be division 2 winners. (Lets say, if no one who has given 20 out of 20 answers correct, then there won’t be any player falling into division 1 category. In such case, we will have division 2 winners only.)

How you can trust Wealth Words? How does Wealth Words ensure the fairness of its puzzles?

The puzzle, clues, answers and solutions of each puzzle are all entered at the same time and are protected in the Wealth Words software. The puzzle cannot commence until all these elements have been loaded at the same time. Participants are are given
plenty of time to complete the puzzle and we provide all participants with the correct answers after the completion of the active puzzle.

What types of games are available?

At Wealth Words, we have 3 types of games:

Poems and stories are available in 3 languages i.e. English and Hindi.

Are there any particular system requirements?

No, the game runs on any computer or mobile device having a good internet connection.

Can I play on my Mac?

Yes, you can easily play on your Mac. You just require an internet connection.

Is there any charge for account registration?

No, the registration process on Wealth Words is absolutely free.

What age do you need to play this game?

You must be at least 18 years old to play this game.

Why I'm having trouble with my password?

The password must be a minimum of 8 characters, which comprises of at least 1 capital letter and 1 non-alphanumeric character. For e.g. Walter@w or W123456@

Can I play from anywhere in the world?

As long as you have an internet connection, you can play Wealth Words from anywhere in the world.

Can I let anyone else use my Wealth Words account?

You are not allowed to let anyone else use your Wealth Words account.

How many Wealth Words accounts can I have?

You can only have one Wealth Words account.

How often do you add featured games?

We add the featured games on special occasions with exciting prizes.

Can I pause the timer?

Yes, you can pause the timer. Just make sure that you complete the puzzle in the defined time-limit. To pause the puzzle, simply scroll down to the bottom of the puzzle that you are playing and click “PAUSE PUZZLE.” Then press “YES”

How do I resume a paused game?

To resume a paused game:

  1. Go to your profile on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. You will see MY ACCOUNT in the left corner of the screen. Click on the MY GAMES section.
  3. Click ''PAUSED GAME" on the game that you like to resume.
  4.  A pop-up of the game will appear.
  5. Simply scroll down and press "PLAY GAME."
  6. This will take you to the puzzle that you like to continue. Scroll down and press "RESUME PUZZLE."
  7. The timer will begin again and you will be able to continue entering your answers.

Note: You can not pause story or poem game in between.

I have signed up to my Wealth Words account through the website but have not received a verification email. Where to check the email?

If you have not received a verification email, the possible chances are you have entered an incorrect email address. Alternatively, you can check your junk/spam folder. If still, you are unable to receive a verification email, you can contact us at support@wealthwords.com for assistance.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password:

  • Click "LOGIN" then click "FORGOTTEN LOGIN DETAILS."
  • Enter your email and follow the instructions that are sent to your email to reset your password.

Note: Our email may end up in your junk mail so make sure you check your junk mail if you do not receive the email in your regular inbox.

Where can I view the rules to play the crossword puzzles?

To view, the puzzle rules click on the "RULES" on the top menu. Alternatively, if you are using a smartphone, click the (icon) on the top menu and then click "RULES."

Can I check whether my answers are correct while playing?

All the answers are provided once the puzzle is ended from the admin's side. You can check it after the results are declared.

How can I buy Wealth Words Coins?

To buy Wealth Words Coins click on your profile on the top right corner of the screen and then click MANAGE COINS/WALLET. Alternately, you can also click on COIN PACKAGES on the HOME screen. Then, click on the number of coins you want to purchase.

To pay for the coins, you can select the following payment method:

  • CashFree
  • Winnings

If you choose "CashFree"

  • Simply select the CashFree option. Select the mode of payment you want to proceed with. You can then fill in the details and purchase the coins.
  • Your coins will appear on the top right side of your screen.

If you choose "Winnings"

  • Simply select "WINNINGS".
  • Click  MAKE PAYMENT.
  • Your coins will appear on the top right side of your screen.

How do I find out the puzzle results?

You will be able to see how many correct answers you got immediately after submitting your entry. However, puzzle results, with the correct solutions included, will be available one hour after the game has ended. To find out puzzle results:

  • Click on your profile at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then, you can click on VIEW RESULTS on any of your entries to see the results.
  • Here, the letters and corresponding clues in green are correct and the ones in red are incorrect.
  • To see the correct solutions click VIEW ANSWERS.
  • Your winnings for a particular entry will appear on the front of the entry once the results are available.
  • Additionally, your total winnings will appear on the top right side of your screen, next to your profile.

How do I win Division 1 or Division 2?

  • To win Division 1, you must have submitted all the correct answers for one puzzle.
  • To win Division 2, you must have submitted the most correct answers but not all the correct answers (maximum 19 correct answers). Each submission can only win in one division.

How do I change my contact and profile details in my Wealth words account?

You can update your details by clicking on your profile on the top right corner of the screen. Click on MY ACCOUNT, then PERSONAL INFORMATION. Make the changes you want to and finally UPDATE the info.

How do I sign up to Wealth Words using Facebook?

For a quick sign-up process, you can log in using Facebook.

  • Click LOGIN on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Then, click FACEBOOK LOGIN (the blue button in the LOGIN pop-up).
  • Now, follow the login prompts.

Note: The process is the same for Google sign-up.

How do I cash out my winnings?

To cash out your winnings:

  • Click MY ACCOUNT and then click CASH OUT.
  • Select CashFree. Select the transfer options from the drop-down menu and proceed.
  • You can only CASH OUT the funds in your E-wallet. You are unable to cash out your coins.


  1. You can cash out the winnings once you have INR 800 or more in your account as determined by Wealth Words.
  2. For earnings above INR 800, you would need to do KYC.

What happens if the time runs out and I have not submitted the puzzle?

Unfortunately, if you do not submit the game on time, you will automatically forfeit the game. This means that you will lose your coins used to play that game. We have provided 1 hour to ensure everyone has enough time to finish the game.

Can I play one game again and again.

You can play Today Challenge game (on Home Page) as many time as you want. Also, few of the free games can be played more than once. However, this is not in the case with every game. You will get a Popup if you are not allowed to play the game again.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

Unfortunately, Wealth Words cannot guarantee that your internet connection will not drop out. If this is the case, please contact support@wealthwords.com, with any evidence to support the claim. A decision will be made on a per-case basis.

Note: You can contact us the same way if any puzzle freezes midway while playing.

What if I don’t agree with your answer?

Wealth Words is a skill based game. The solutions provided by Wealth Words are final as per the Terms and Conditions.

What is super puzzle game?

Super Puzzle is a game having bigger prize pool than standard puzzles. All the answers should be correct in order to win the Super Word Puzzle. There is no division 2 winnings in this puzzle

How do I win the Super Word Puzzle?

To win the Super Word Puzzle, you need to submit all the correct answers for the puzzle. There is no division 2 for this puzzle.

In case of any payment query, whom should I contact?

If you are having any payment queries, please contact us at support@wealthwords.com

How do I logout of Wealth Words?

To logout of Wealth Words click on your profile on the top right corner of the screen, then click on LOG OUT.

Why has my Wealth Words account been suspended?

The most possible reason for your account suspension would be that you've breached a Rule in the Terms and Conditions of the game. For further information on your personal matter, contact us at support@wealthwords.com

How do I close my Wealth Words account?

You can directly go to your MY ACCOUNT on the top right side, click on DELETE ACCOUNT. However, if you delete your account, it will be deleted permanently. To play again, you would need to create the account as a new user.

Can I unsubscribe the e-mailers I receive?

If you no longer want to receive e-mailers from us, you can opt to unsubscribe them.

Bonuses & Rewards

What is a welcome bonus?

As a welcome bonus, Wealth Words offers a free coin worth INR 5 to its new users. You can use this coin to play a game of your choice.

I have received a bonus coin, how can I use it?

You can use the bonus coin by playing any game where coin is required. Use the coin from you winnings and start playing the game.

Are Crossword winnings taxable?

Your winnings are subject to taxes according to your country's government policies.

Money Earnings & Security

When can I withdraw my bonus money earned by refer and earn?

You can withdraw your bonus money whenever you wish to or you can even buy coins using it. Just remember that the money will be available in your account for only 30 days after you have earned that money.

Are my card details saved after I purchase Coins?

No, we don’t save any of your confidential information. Moreover, we have SSL security to make all the transactions safe from any unauthorized use.

Why do I need to complete KYC?

You need to do KYC to show that you are an authorized user. Your registered name on the website should match your ID proofs. It is a step to ensure the player is a genuine one.

I am concerned about the security aspects related to typing out my credit card number online.

Please be assured that we do not receive or store your card details. Player's information security is our high-priority.

Is the information I enter encrypted?

Yes, we encrypt all credit card payment information using 128-bit encryption programs.

How long will my winnings take to show up in my personal bank account?

Once you cash out your winnings from Wealth Words, the amount will be transferred to your Wealth Words account. From there, you can transfer the money to your personal bank account. Transferring your funds from Wealth Words account to your personal account via Cashfree takes time depending on your geographical location.

What payment methods do you accept?

We have only Cashfree as our medium to purchase the coins.

What is the Colourbar?

In the game, the Colourbar shows the skill status of your answers.

What do the Colurbar represent?

The Colourbar has three colors: Red (Below Average), Yellow (Average to Plus) and Green (Plus to Plus Plus).

How Colorbar is beneficial for the user?

Through this Colourbar, the player gets to know the level of their skill and correct answers level.

Why is the payout amount received less than what I cashed out of my E-Wallet ?

Wealth Words charges a 2% transaction fee for each cashout.

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