Before playing, it is imperative for you to understand the rules before you begin with our crossword puzzles. The rules are quite easy to follow. We have explained it step by step to help you win the game.

Carefully read the clues and get started.

How to submit answers?

  1. Crosswords
    • Click on ‘Play Now’ and start playing the game of your choice.
    • Click on clues (Across/Down) to fill the answers. Then, the word corresponding to the clue will get highlighted. Fill the missing letter in the blank.
    • Repeat the same procedure for all the words. Click on ‘Submit’ and it’s done.
  2. Poems
    • Poetry games can be played in 3 languages i.e. English, Hindi. Poems are different for every language.
    • Read the poem and get the hint in the clues. Click the word and enter the missing letter to fill the right answer.
    • For Hindi, every clue has multiple options (3 options) in the drop-down list. Choose the right answer and submit.
  3. Stories
    • Just like poems, you can play story games also in three different languages (English, Hindi). The stories are different in every language.
    • Read the complete story and figure out the answers from the clues. Fill the answer by clicking on the word and enter the missing letter.
    • For Hindi, the missing words have 3 different options in the drop down list. Choose the most appropriate answer and submit it.

gametimeTime Limit

Keep a track of the ‘Time Limit’ while playing the game.

One hour is the total time limit to complete the puzzles and submit the answers. (we provide sufficient time to the players for completing the crossword).

You can ‘Pause’ the puzzle in between and can resume to complete the puzzle. Maximum timeframe to complete the game is one hour once started.

The flexible time format allows the enthusiastic players across the globe to play the game as per their convenience. Every puzzle runs for a minimum of 24 hours making it easy for you to play the game anytime within the 24-hour time frame.

Note: The Story & Poem Puzzle games cannot be paused in between.

Play and Submit

If you are playing the game on desktop, click on the ‘PLAY GAME’ option on the top menu. You will be redirected to the page that has all the active puzzle games.

However, you can choose variety of games like Crosswords, Poems and story games from the drop down menu.

If you are playing the game on a smartphone, click on the (icon) on the top right. Click on the ‘PLAY GAME’ option to get access of all active puzzle games.

However, you can choose variety of games like Crosswords, Poems and story games from the drop down menu.

Important Tips:
  • After selecting the crossword game, have a quick overview of the puzzle.
  • Each word in the puzzle has a clue in the 'Across or down' section.
  • To read the clues, tap on ‘Across or Down’ option.
  • Read and understand the clues carefully and then decide the answer.
  • Click on the blank space to post the answer and fill in the missing letter.
  • Once you complete the puzzle and are satisfied with your answers, click ‘SUBMIT PUZZLE’ and then click ‘YES’ to complete the entry.

gameresultPuzzle Results

  • Once the crossword puzzle is submitted, you will have the curiosity to know the answers.
  • One hour after the puzzle has been concluded and no more active, the result of every puzzle is published.
  • Once the results are declared, you can click on the ‘View Results’ button to check your answers.
  • Check the status of your games by clicking on top right (Image icon) >My Account> My Games. From there you can check which answers were correct and which ones were wrong. The answers highlighted in green will be correct and the red ones will be incorrect.
  • Compare your entry with the solution to know went wrong.
  • Note: You can cash out the winning amount once you reach INR 800 or more in your account.
Get puzzling!


When you are taking out cash and your prize is INR 200, it is mandatory to upload 2 identity proofs to verify that you are an authorized user. Your registered name in our records should match your ID proofs.

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